Ken Stradling Collection at Margaret Howell – Preview Photos

Here are a selection of photos of the Ken Stradling Collection show at Margaret Howell at 34 Wigmore Street, London. The show is on until the 15th November. The work look stunning and sits beautifully alongside Margaret Howell’s elegant designs. The Marcel Breuer desk and chair from the Gane House is displayed in the window with pieces by John Leach and Robert Welch. Elsewhere in the gallery, the Breuer pieces are accompanied by a carefully selected range of objects from the collection of which many are glass. The selection is subtle with a number of red pieces acting as a foil to the quiet palette of the space as a whole.

Margaret Howell window display 3

Margaret Howell window display 2 MH Long shot 3 MH general shot with MH MH general shot with glass and panelMH Black breuer desk and mirrors MH Couple looking at Breuer chairs DSC_9925 MH Exhibition panel

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2 Responses to Ken Stradling Collection at Margaret Howell – Preview Photos

  1. Caroline says:

    Have just bought a small chair in a junk shop with the name Famulus printed on it. One seat spring is missing I need to find one any suggestions. It is covered in Brown draylon and has springs in the back and lovely curved wood on the sides. Bought as an upholstery project


    • Oliver Kent says:

      Hi Caroline,
      There is some information in our blog post from 18 Nov 2015. We have done a bit more research since. The Famulus chairs were designed by in house designer JP Hully for PE Gane between 1935 and 1939. There seem to have been several versions. They generally have Registered Design numbers on the bottom 809095 (1935/6) and 831066 (1039). We think that the Marcel Breuer sprung chairs used an existing Parker Knoll spring design so we suspect that the springing for the Famulus is similar. I would therefore suggest looking for spare parts amongst 1930s Parker Knoll chairs. If you want more information on Hully and the chair there is an article in the Online Journal of Art and Design by on3 of his descendants see also the National Trust catalogue, Object 768243. Do send us some photos. We would love to see what you achieve with it.


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